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Dental Bone Graft

When additional support is needed or bones are missing from the patients’ jaw or additional support is needed Dental bone draft is performed to increase the amount of bone in the desired part of the patients’ jaw.

Fissure sealants

A fissure sealant is done to create a layer of protection on the enamel of the teeth therefore preventing food from getting stuck in the tiny grooves of the teeth which ultimately leads with tooth decay over time Fissure sealants are mostly applied as a resin based compound on children as soon as the permanent molars erupt though it can be done at any time.

Dental composite

A composite is applied to repair the damage done by decay, cracks, fractures on the affected tooth you, also you should know depending on the damage done the use of composite or amalgam may wary for amalgam is more powerful than composite but not quite pretty on a white tooth.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam is a type of material used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay, fun fact amalgam is actually a chemical substance a mixture of mercury and other metals of choice to be exact, as mentioned amalgam fillings are stronger than composites.

Removable prosthetics (dentures):

Removable prosthetics, dentures for short, are a type of dental device that is designed to replace multiple missing or severely damaged teeth. Unlike some dental devices, which are permanently secured in the mouth with the use of an implant or adjacent teeth, removable dentures can be taken out at will.

Dental Implants

Dental implant is the procedure of replacing the root of the teeth with screwlike posts so that you can mount artificial teeth on the root in case of tooth loss, it is one of the more demanding and long procedures that take up a lot of time in order to be done properly and the risks are not that high, although that being said the recovery process according to a lot of patients is a hassle.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift, aka sinus augmentation is a surgery that makes it easier to put in dental implants, some individuals need to get a dental implant but do not have the necessary bone support for the procedure, that’s when sinus lift comes in to play, by lifting the sinuses to the sinus cavity by punching a hole in the sinus, patients are reported to be extremely uncomfortable and in a lot of pain, the recovery takes anywhere from 3 days to a week or two, after all it’s better to stay home due to the extremely ugly bruise and swelling that comes after th procedure is done.


As the name suggests bleaching literally bleaches your teeth turning it white if you are out of options for whitening your teeth bleaching might be the thing for you, it is done by putting a layer of bleaching chemical on your teeth and


In the procedure you put a layer of white ceramic on your teeth making it permanently white, although it can get yellow again it is highly unlikely to happen, before you choose this procedure consider that you can’t eat hard food, or bite on hard things with your front teeth.


Due to its superior toughness, strength, and fatigue resistance, in addition to excellent wear properties and biocompatibility it has a wide variety of usage in dentistry one of which is Zirconia, an alloy that is tough as nails and can withstand a lot of pressure while being biocompatible as well, a bracket of this mysterious alloy is made that can be removed at will making a removable white shield of some sort

Removable orthodontic appliances

After your orthodontic treatment once you get that sweet release from your ugly metal strings you need to wear orthodontic appliances for a while to aid in your orthodontic treatment, you can choose from removable and non-removable appliances, the difference being removability, note that your choices may differ depending on your treatment, removable orthodontics are good because you can take them out at will for instances such as cleaning your teeth or eating.

Tooth extraction

In cases when the tooth has hit a critical point there is no other option than to remove your tooth, otherwise it may lead to severe infection and can be painful an fatal at rare cases, besides you will go to your dentist because of the pain anyway, the procedure is pretty simple you are literally pulling your tooth out the only difference is that this action is done by the delicate and precise hands of your beloved dentist, you may need to use pain killers to fight the pain that comes after and the dentists will typically give you local anesthesia during the procedure to eliminate the pain.

Wisdom tooth removal

You have an extra set of tooth that won’t come out until you’re about 16-20 years old some of us don’t have the required space for the tooth’s eruption so the tooth comes out sideways and messes with other tooth’s roots making them irritated and painful in that case the dentist tries to extract the assaulting wisdom teeth by slicing your gum open and removing it the procedure is not typically painful but the recovery is a bit of a problem as you can’t talk or laugh for a long span of time, note that this operation is crucial and cannot be ignored as it may lead to teeth disorientation.

Root canal treatment

Sometimes the infections on the infectious tooth if not treated will progress to the root of the tooth making it really irritated and painful one of the early symptoms include tooth sensitivity, in the case of root infections the dentist needs to pull out the nerve and stop the infection from progressing to other parts resulting in infections, it is very important to do the procedure despite its pain it is very important failure to so so will result in severe tooth infection in which the tooth needs to be extracted, root canal treatments are one of the most painful yet crucial dental operations and the recovery process is harsh and painful also the procedure itself takes quite a while.

Gum graft

For many reasons like certain gum diseases and conditions the gum stars to recede to the point where the root is visible, the main reason being not following proper oral health instructions, in that case the dentist will cut a portion of your upper mouth and use it for your gums as they have in texture and quality and stiches them together, the surgery itself is not painful but the recovery process can bare a lot of pain.

Composite veneers

You can use Composite veneers to give your tooth a more appealing look or in cases when you have a gap between your teeth Composite veneers are like stickers that stick to your teeth making a white and beautiful cover for your teeth.

Dental bridges

In some cases for some reason (mostly financial reasons) the patient chooses not to do implants and the dentist creates some sort of bridge between the two teeth to cover the place of the extracted tooth this method is not recommend because you cannot use you’re the bridged tooth as it is really vulnerable and food particles can get stuck under the bridge but the only upside could be that it’s cheap and as the sayig goes: you get what you pay for.

Snap on smile

As the name suggest just snap on and smile! This little thing in the dental industry is a way for you to experience white teeth while not wasting a lot of money but of course the it does come with it’s down sides one being that it is not permanent and if you want to do anything relayed to your mouth like eating, brushing, etc you need to take them off but it is a cheap way for you to have white teeth.